Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photoshop Templates Etsy Sellers Never take a product photo again !

Etsy Sellers Never take a product photo again !  Photoshop Templates 

These templates are easy to use and can save the Etsy shop owner time for creation and design !
The templates work in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements using clipping masks. 
Instructions are included.
Send me your pendant photo and I will send back the photo converted into a template that you can use over and over in your listing photos.  Just plop that new design into the bezel and vioala !

Using your Pendant Photo or Mine


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Annie Howes' DIY Drawer Pull Kit And Sparkal Digital Design Images

This is the first in a series of Etsy seller features
Annie Howes' DIY Drawer Pull Kit
 This is a great DIY home decorating Idea ! 
"Pull" in a bit of unique detail  to your Kitchen or Nursery Cabinets.  Add Flair and interest to a common area !

Annie Howes' DIY Drawer Pull Kit

"Pull" in a bit of unique detail  to your Kitchen or Nursery Cabinets.  Add Flair and interest to a common area !

I have long been a fan of Annie Howes' Etsy shop for all her unique DIY supplies.    When I saw these, I flipped !  
What a wonderful idea !  
With her DIY supplies and the great images that can by found at Sparkal Digital Design, you are on your way.

Okay, here is an idea for the baby's nursery:
  Use these 1 inch circles from Sparkal Digital Designs and Annie Howes Drawer pull kit to "sparkal" the diaper drawers.


 Or These sweet Angels for the nursery dresser drawers?
Coffee Circle Images

 Coffee images and Annie Howes Drawer pull kit for your kitchen Coffee nook ? 

My family has started a tradition of giving Handmade Gifts to each other for Christmas, and You can count on these being on my gift giving list this year!

Hug your loved ones !

Embedding Animated GIF files into my Blog

This post is my first attempt to add an animated Holiday GIF file into my blog.
If it works, I will be offering them for sale !

Let's give it a try folks.......

It Worked !!!! Whoopee !!
It is on Animation Turbo though, so I have some work to do, but I am excited !
More to come.....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding Digital Scrapbooking Paper and Backgrounds

Good Morning !
Another rainy Saturday morning and what better time to sit and study ~
I have been reading  "How to Make Money using Etsy" by Timothy Adam  and "EtsyPreneurship" by Jason Malinak.  Wow !  Some great how-to's on marketing and listing and SEO and time management and ~ and ~ and !
So much more to running this business than just designing ( which I LOVE)
My Newest endeavor ?  Making my shop items Instant Download !  Love instant gratification, don't you ?

I found this great tutorial on youtube for layering styles on top of digital scrapbooking paper.

My new rose set of wedding digitial paper is  a great paper to sample this tutorial on, as it resembles the paper used in the video tutorial.  And of course my paper is INSTANT Download, so you can get started immediately .
The tutorial gives Instructions for Photoshop and Photoshop  Elements.

Rose Paper from my shop:
Soft Rose Digital Scrapbooking  Paper

Set of 11 Wedding Rose Scrapbooking Papers

Soft Colors Rose Pattern Scrapbooking Digital Printable Paper

Of course these papers are INSTANT Download ~ Yeah !

Soft Greens in a beautiful Rose Pattern Great for Wedding pages !

Monday, October 15, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking paper and backgrounds

Digital Scrapbooking Paper 

So excited to have these new digital scrapbooking paper and digital backgrounds in my shop.
These make unique scrapbooking pages or cards.  Really anything you would use a background for.
Sent in Jpeg format, so they are compatible with any scrapbooking software or image editing program.
I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon designing the spring colors ~ Guess I was longing for the late fall sun we had, up until last week !!

Enjoy !
Green Stripes and Polka Dots Digital Background Paper

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Printable Gift Cards Printable Tags Printable Wedding Place cards

Vintage Printable Tag Gift Cards

Use these great cards on Gift Bags, brad them together for a great little sentiment booklet.  Such a unique way to adorn a Bridal, Babtism or Graduation Gift Bag.

Available at Sparkal Digital Designs 

Fairy Tags

Vintage Tags

Roses Roses Roses !

Cath Kidston Inspired

Etsy Widget

My Etsy Page